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          Small and Medium Enterprises

          Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are decided by the number of employees and or revenues they have. To be considered a...
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          Meet Our Experts

          Matt Heinz and Charles Fogden


          Matthew is National Practice Leader and a Managing Director of Transaction Liability Solutions at Aon Strategic Advisors and Transaction Solutions (ASATS) and is based in New York. Charles leads the Canadian practice for ASATS and is Toronto-based. More about Aon Strategic Advisors and Transaction Solutions here.

          Michael Schwerdtfeger


          Michael Schwerdtfeger is a managing director at Chapman Associates, a nationwide middle market mergers and acquisitions firm specializing in helping business owners and entrepreneurs obtain their ideal growth or exit strategy.

          John Lawson

          CFP, CEPA and CIM

          John has three designations: CFP, CEPA and CIM. An entrepreneur at heart, John ventured into the business world by owning, building and managing a variety of different companies. Learning about the complexities of entrepreneurship has helped John excel as a Senior Wealth Advisor in British Columbia for more than 20 years. John currently leads a team that helps families in business and high net-worth clients bring their future into focus through strategic wealth planning.

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